Foot worship

Foot worshipShe said: "My feet hurt like hell... I'd really need a massage."

Recognizing a perfect opportunity, I closed her office door. As I did so, she rose from her desk and walked over to sit in another chair with a lower back. There was a silent agreement, a perfect understanding. She smiled knowingly.

She always dressed professionally and on that day she was dressed typically……..dark grey suit jacket over white blouse with matching dark grey knee length skirt, smoke colored panty hose and black 4 inch heels. She looked regal as she sat awaiting my attentions and I shivered slightly at the sight as I approached her. I sat down on the floor at the side and in front of her chair saying that I didn’t want her to have to hold her hand up while I massaged it. It was heaven for me, pampering this Goddess as she sat above me looking down with half closed eyes as she was being served. Her right leg was crossed and the heel of her shoe was slightly off, not a true dangle, but close.

My position put me less than a foot away, perfect viewing and a hint of that wonderful nylon, leather, sweat scent was coming my way. As I worked I commented that I liked her shoes today, and looking up I saw her focus, glance down at her shoe, then me, rotate her foot a couple of times in my direction, give me that cool smile and then comment that she liked them too. I moved over to her right hand and she looked down at me as I served her. I had a distinct feeling at that point she was opening up to the fact that we were both happy in our roles. After a few more minutes, she had me stop due to a meeting appointment, stood above me as I still sat on the floor, mentioned that she felt a lot better and would “use” me again. Her cool smile came out again as she looked down at me when I replied ” Yes Ma’am, whenever you wish.”

About a week later, I received an email from her stating, ” I want to see you when you are in our office next…..I have more for you to do.” That was her style and it drove me wild. Direct, demanding, and fully expecting compliance, a superior beauty. I quickly replied, “Yes Ma’am, I’ll be in tomorrow.” and was happy to see her respond a few minutes later with, “I’ll expect you.”

I arrived in her office late in the afternoon the next day. Just at 4:30 I heard those magnificent steps coming down the hall. My temples pulse now at the recollection and I remember anticipating the sight of her, wondering what she might be wearing and if it might indicate her mood or intent. She paused at the doorway and stood majestically as I drank in the sight of her. Stunning in a black pinstripe jacket and skirt, grey stockings and black stilettos with long, very pointed toes and small, interesting cutouts along the top providing a hint of her nylon covered toes. With such a dramatic mix of conservative suit and wicked pumps, I sat there overwhelmed. To my taste she could not have been dressed with more appeal. She came in and sat down, then asked me to close the door she had just walked through. Of course I quickly complied then stood awaiting her direction. She told me to sit, as she did not like me looming over her, and waved me to my chair.

Back in my seat I lowered the height setting to the bottom so that she was sitting higher in her chair, smiled and asked if she was more comfortable now. She looked slightly down at me and said “Much better, that will do for now. Now start!” And while I was giving any imaginable attention, love, kisses and caresses to her divine feet, she outlined out future "relationship": She wanted me available to her on short notice and wanted me to have the flexibility to do so. “Attending” her would always be at her request. She was too busy to have me become a nuisance and interrupt her at inconvenient times. Discretion was compulsory. My primary duty was to follow her direction. Obedience was an absolute requirement.



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