Inferior males

CFNM handjobThere is no reason, why men should not fall to their knees in front a sublime female or even better: a group of females.

The age difference between the naked male and the women he is subjected to, can be very important!

For newbies or males younger than 30 years old, we recommend attractive mature goddesses who have seen it all. If they are on their night out and want to have a fucking blast, it's best if they have fun with a "boy" who could almost be their son.
The other way round: for males older than in their thirties, it might be an awesome and most humiliating experience to submit to a group of giggling teens who will surely carry their smartphones and share their party with other girls later on.
It can be really relaxing to hand over control to the ladies and just obey every order given, to endure any humiliation and try to hold back screams as long as you can - once they decide to use a cane on your ass.

What would you make more nervous:


Or Pain?

Or the anticipation, what will happen?



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