Condom cum

condom cumIn a D/S relationship it's not always the case that the dominant part has to come up with ideas of punishment or tasks for the sub.

One of my former slaves was so submissive, she literally inundated me with ideas of how to fill the life of our almost 24/7 master/slave life. Often I punished her by rudely denying to even listen or by ridiculing her suggestions.

One day she came up with the nasty idea of having to drink sperm out of condoms.

Up to that point we had an almost monogamous relationship, except for some occasions where I let her be used by one or the other of my closest friends. But her quest for emptying a content of a condom made no sense, if there were only a few cum loads.

This was definitely a challenge, but on the other hand, I didn't want to get the circle of men, who were aware of our fetish life, get to big. Again I resorted to a few friends including those who used my slave from time to time.

They were happy to contribute by collecting sperm loads for a week or two, deep-freezing them and brining them along on the "initiation night". It would have been too technical and not raunchy enough to just thaw their cum and fill some condoms for my sweetheart to enjoy.cum glass condom

That's why we chose to have some fun with her the most part of the night and add some fresh cum for her, mix it well with the old loads and let her have it in front of us.

Amazing the show, she gave us!

She was a real submissive slut indeed.



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