Come on, boy!

female goddessThe situation is just about perfect. Neglect. Indifference. Humiliation.

She made me lower my trouser, my underpants. Made me kneel down by just looking at me. I understood very well, what she was expecting. I lowered myself.

Then she nodded and I started to feel the blood flow into my cock, making it rise slowly, throbbingly. Not very convincing, awfully slow. She just watched, partially bored, letting her gaze wandering around the room from time to time. Looking at her wrist watch. Yawning.

Then the first kick against my cock. Like a warning. "Come on, boy! I could hit you in slightly more painful spots."

I tried to block any distracting thoughts and concentrated on her wonderful legs, the breasts under her satin blouse. Of course without looking up to her. If she had noticed that I was staring at her, I would have been in deep, deep trouble! It had happened once and the punishment I had received made sure, it would never ever happen again. I had really been very sorry for my misconduct. Another kick, which brought me back to reality.

"Don't keep me waiting, asshole."

That's what she used to call me: boy or asshole. Depending on her mood. Talking about her mood and character: she is an extremely difficult and unpredictable person. I felt my cock rising, slowly but steady now. I was starting be feel relieved, because she did not like it at all, when I didn't "perform".

The words she said, before she started kicking my cock gently yet firmly: Sometimes it was so hard and painful to live up to her expectations. Sometimes I was on the edge of refusing her invitations.

Fear. Fear of humiliation. Fear of pain. But she was too tempting. Far too wonderful to stop adoring her. In moments like this one, I would have done anything for her. I was panting, my cock rock hard due to the reminiscences of punishments.

"Stop!" This was surprising, unforeseen. "Lower your cock, boy! Get it down."

Sweat was forming on my face. How would I be able to get rid of my erection in such a situation? It took me a while, but finally my cock was semi-flaccid again, despite of her gentle kicks against my cock which aroused me like hell.

Time was endless, I lost count. After a long, long time, an hour, hour and a half, my cock was hard again. I don't want to go into detail, what she said and what she did. But then, finally she gave me permission to reach orgasm: "Go on, boy!"

It was one of the fiercest and most intensive orgasms I ever experienced.

Thank you, my Goddess!



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