Prisoners of war II

naked bound girls“More or I will force you.” Maureen was afraid now, they were making her spread her legs open.

She knew that her sex would be open and unprotected. She feared that somehow the pole would be pushed between her legs. She jumped as the knife jabbed her thigh, moving her legs open. Another prick with the knife and they opened more, until they were open at least three feet wide.

“Good girl, now keep them spread” And indeed, the pole was pushed between her legs.

Maureen felt him fumbling around between her legs, looking down, trying to figure out what cruelty he was now going to do. She did not have long to wait, the bamboo pole was lifted up between her legs, his fingers spreading apart her pussy lips, moving the rough pole between them.

He stood up, pulling up the ropes from one end in front of her and the others behind her. Each side had two ropes, one over her right shoulder, the other over her left shoulder. He began to tie the ends together, getting rid of the slack in the rope as he tightened the knots. The pole was now smashed against her delicate inner pussy, her lips wrapped around the outside. He grabbed the end of the pole and pushed it towards the back, watching as the first ring nearest to her spread pussy pushed between her lips and rasped harshly over her inner pussy.

Once she started walking, the pole would move back and forth, burning the tender inner flesh as the bumps and ridges moved over the pink flesh. It would be a painful march back to the camp.

“Now move, we have a ways to go before we get back to the camp,” laughing as he saw her try to take her first step. The tightness of the pole between her legs hurt enough, the movement of it was painful. She slowly moved her legs, the pole sliding between her pussy lips. She could not believe the pain she felt, her breasts ached from the pinching poles, her nipples a bright red and swollen over to twice their size.

But the worst part was the pain between her legs, it felt like her sex was a raw wound, the pole moving back and forth over the abraded flesh, each time bringing about a fresh batch of pain. It seemed like hours as they marched her through the jungle. She imagined how she looked, naked except for her shoes and socks, her breasts in tight bondage between the bamboo poles and the pole jutting out from between her legs, rubbing back and forth, tearing and cutting her tender flesh with each painful step.

Her relief was short-lived once they reached the camp. Her body slumped to the ground when they released the bamboo poles from her mouth, breasts and sex. She rolled over, her hands rubbing feeling back into her breasts and nipples, then tentatively reaching down between her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and red, small traces of blood showing up on the pole that was between her legs. She could not even stand to touch herself, it hurt so badly. She moaned in pain when she was suddenly pulled up from the floor by her hair.

She screamed as was suddenly slapped in the face, her cheek turning red. The Commander was smiling down at her, her naked body, already red and battered, her face covered in tears. His cock was hard, even after spending some time with one of the new girls. She found out what it was like to be fucked for the first time.

It would not be a gentle fuck by a boyfriend...

More to come ... 



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