Girl friends' visit

Femdom WhipEvery week or two your wife invites some of her girl friends over for some drinks.

It's already a ritual that you stay in the cellar, naked, chained to the stair case handrail.

She would always turn the lights off before returning upstairs to greet them.

Normally you would crouch there for an hour or hour and a half. Then the lights go on.

Your wife likes to send her friends down one after the other. With full permission granted. With a "punishment toy" of her choice or as suggested by your wife.

At first you found it humiliating, but after a few times you were starting to look forward to these girls' nights with a growing erotic sensation. After a few months you noticed you were getting hard as soon as the chains locked in and the lights go out.

Sometimes it was embarrassing when one of the women opened the cellar door and caught you by surprise. Throbbing cock, you pressing it against the wall to calm down your sexual desire. Once she burst into laughter and called the others to come done and watch. Your wife and her girl friends showed up after seconds, a bit drunk from some bottles of Champagne, giggling and pointing at you. Your hard-on stayed. No way to hide anything. Pure embarrassment!

A few months ago, your wife introduced a newcomer. She was a real sadist, but you put up with that, too. And after having received several severe thrashings, you even got aroused by the prospect of receive another one. For tonight your wife had announced a new guest. She smiled, but refused to tell you more. As always you were chained in the cellar. Dark. Then the lights went on.

And down the stairs came ... your ex-wife with a fierce cane in her hand. And the cruelest and most derisive smile you have ever seen.



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