Prisoners of war

Naked PrisonersThe soldier could already feel his cock hardening as he stroked it through his uniform. “The Commander said we couldn’t fuck her, but we can have a little fun with her. Let’s tie her up like the one yesterday, with the bamboo poles. See how she likes the walk back to the camp.”

He picked up two bamboo poles out of his knapsack, about two feet long each, both had pieces of rope attached to the ends, connecting to them. “Make her stick her tits out,” he urged the other soldier. Maureen felt a sharp prick in her back, the soldier’s knife pressed in the centre of her shoulder blades.

She moved her feet forward but was quickly stopped and screeched in pain as the other soldier pushed his big boots onto her feet, smashing them into the ground harshly. “No move,” he shouted to her. The knife pressed harder and deeper, forcing the only movement out of her, her back began to arch out, her breasts began to push out prominently in the front.

Maureen’s breasts were big, large pink nipples surrounded by dark areolas the size of a silver dollar, ample cleavage. Her breasts now rising, her back aching from the strain, her feet in pain as they were crushed beneath the boots. Higher they rose, Maureen groaning with pain. She froze in fear as the knife moved over the material of her top, cutting through it like butter, his hands pulling the materials off, her naked breast flesh gradually uncovered to the evil soldiers.

Maureen had never been naked in front of anyone, her face turning red in shame as the shredded material of her top fell to the ground beneath her, her naked breasts now so prominently displayed to the men. He pulled the knife back and moved the double bamboo poles up to her naked flesh, placing one over the top of her breasts, pushing the other under them. He began to pull on one end of the rope, the two poles moving closer and closer together, pinching her breast flesh between them.

He moved to the other one, doing the same, soon both of her breasts were held tightly between the two poles. “Tighter, you have such firm tits, they need to be held tight.” He tightened one end, watching as one breast was squeezed tightly, turning red as the flesh was sandwiched tightly between the harsh bamboo poles. He moved to the other one, repeating the process.

He smiled at the pained look on her face as her tits were clamped between the two unrelenting wood clamps. He knotted the ropes, her nipples swollen and almost bursting. He ran his fingers over them, watching her flinch in pain as he harshly snapped his fingers on them, igniting sharp pain.

The other guard released the knife from her back allowing her to slump forward. The boots were removed from her feet, but the ache in her breasts continued, sharp pain emanating from the blood engorged nipples. She watched as the soldier picked up another bamboo pole. This time it was about three feet long, with several large ribs and knots on it. Rope hung from both ends. She cringed at the thought of what they might do with this one. “Unless you want your feet crushed by my boots again, obey me. Spread your legs open.” He watched her expression, his knife moved towards her inner thighs, pushing the tip into her tender flesh. “I told you, spread your legs, I wouldn’t tell you again,” he ordered her. She jumped, her legs spreading slowly open.

“More or I will force you.” Maureen was afraid now, they were making her spread her legs open. She knew that her sex would be open and unprotected. She feared that somehow the pole would be pushed between her legs. She jumped as the knife jabbed her thigh, moving her legs open. Another prick with the knife and they opened more, until they were open at least three feet wide. “Good girl, now keep them spread”

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