Outdoor working sluts

naked woman at workThis is quite a useful and intriguing idea.

It combines a certain kind of efficiency, an additional income for the employer with a lot of fun - for the overseers and guests, certainly not for the working sluts.

This saves a company a lot of money, if you have access to those potential workers:

  • submissive females who are into humiliation and some degree of pain
  • female prisoners charged with some major crime and who have been considered to be available for additional disciplinary measures
  • cunts that really owe you something or have a dark spot in their lives you know of

This is the daily routine:

  • 5:00 working sluts get up and wash themselves (using cold water only)
  • 5:30 breakfast
  • 6:00 shift begins
  • 9:00 15 minutes break
  • noon 30 minutes lunch break
  • 2:30 naked parade on the camp's central plaza, where new visitors get an impression of the girls in the camp. Then back to work.
  • 4:00 shift ends. Working sluts have some time for their personal hygiene and a short recreation period
  • 6:00 dinner
  • 7:00 Camp Jury (for more information see below)
  • 8:00 Punishments and entertainment
  • midnight bedtime for the Working sluts

On the first day you have to set the rules:

  • absolutely no clothes while in the camp
  • no talking during work
  • no hesitating when being given orders
  • high motivation and initiative to be shown at all times
  • availability for other "purposes" on the overseers or visitors request (at unlimited frequency)

Any misconduct will be dealt with at the end of the day in front of the Camp Jury, which is staffed by 4 overseers and up to 2 visitors to the camp, who usually pay for such an event.
The offense will be dealt with in presence of all camp members. Punishment will be handed out as soon as the Camp Jury has come to an agreement.
Make it clear that punishments are harsh and will be handed out without showing mercy.



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