condom cumIn a D/S relationship it's not always the case that the dominant part has to come up with ideas of punishment or tasks for the sub.

One of my former slaves was so submissive, she literally inundated me with ideas of how to fill the life of our almost 24/7 master/slave life. Often I punished her by rudely denying to even listen or by ridiculing her suggestions.

One day she came up with the nasty idea of having to drink sperm out of condoms.

Up to that point we had an almost monogamous relationship, except for some occasions where I let her be used by one or the other of my closest friends. But her quest for emptying a content of a condom made no sense, if there were only a few cum loads.

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Tit PunishmentOne very helpful and suitable measure in educating a slave is an occasional tit punishment.

But what is more: it's very entertaining for a dominant male, because - let's be honest: the vast majority of men has a severe tit fixation. Abusing and manhandling a female's tits is a very effective tool because of their sensitivity.

First of all, you have different parts to deal with: starting with the breast meat with the tender flesh below and the perfectly sloped zone on top.

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ThroatfuckA mouthfuck is more than just a special type of handsfree blowjob.
The major difference between a traditional blowjob and a mouthfuck is a matter of "who is in charge".

During a blowjob the guy more or less remains in a static position, while her mouth moves up and down on his cock.
During a facefuck, her head is preferrably in a static position, while he is basically fucking her face.

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naked woman at workThis is quite a useful and intriguing idea.

It combines a certain kind of efficiency, an additional income for the employer with a lot of fun - for the overseers and guests, certainly not for the working sluts.

This saves a company a lot of money, if you have access to those potential workers:

  • submissive females who are into humiliation and some degree of pain
  • female prisoners charged with some major crime and who have been considered to be available for additional disciplinary measures
  • cunts that really owe you something or have a dark spot in their lives you know of
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Femdom WhipEvery week or two your wife invites some of her girl friends over for some drinks.

It's already a ritual that you stay in the cellar, naked, chained to the stair case handrail.

She would always turn the lights off before returning upstairs to greet them.

Normally you would crouch there for an hour or hour and a half. Then the lights go on.

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cunts on display

The only place to fulfill your desires.

There is only one rule: "Pay - Select - Use!". Choose a hole! Everything is available. Juicy mouths. Wet Pussies. Close up. Blow Jobs. Eat out. Fuck.

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naked bound girls“More or I will force you.” Maureen was afraid now, they were making her spread her legs open.

She knew that her sex would be open and unprotected. She feared that somehow the pole would be pushed between her legs. She jumped as the knife jabbed her thigh, moving her legs open. Another prick with the knife and they opened more, until they were open at least three feet wide.

“Good girl, now keep them spread” And indeed, the pole was pushed between her legs.

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