Diary of another O

nude legsDay 1 - Afternoon

It was an ordinary summer day when I became a slave. No, stop! It was an ordinary summer day when I realized I wanted to be a slave.

It came to me during one late afternoon business meeting with several of our lawyers, my assistant and a representative of IT. I was unable to concentrate and hopelessly bored with discussions on data privacy and compliance.

My thoughts were meandering and I did hardly realized that one of my thoughts evolved around offering those six quite ordinary men a blowjob just to finish that discussion.

It was like a hiccup in my mind and I guess I was heavily blushing. My assistant noticed that there must have been some kind of thunder and lightning in my head the way I almost started up. It was evident that it had nothing to do with legal regulations on storing customer data. He stared at me and I feared I was still dramatically red-faced. None of the others seemed to notice, though.

„Excuse me for a minute!“ I got up and left the room. When I was outside in the corridor I smelled the heavy dark wood and leather from the expensive furniture. I rushed to the ladies room which was deserted at that time of day. Anyway it was the executive tract where the VPs where having their offices and meeting rooms and there was never much traffic. I locked myself in one of the toilet cabins, raised the skirt of my dark blue business shift dress and put my hand between my legs. I was hot and I felt the rush of blood in my lips. I leaned back.

„You dirty slut!“ I thought half playfully to myself. I started to fondle my clit with my index finger and closed my legs thightly around it. Panting. Getting wet. Still thinking of these men in their crumpled suits, their shirts all in sweat from a long day’s work. Two of them bald. One overweight. Two of them black. And definitely all of them willing to get a blow job from me if I offered it.

Getting wetter. I put one foot on the toilet seat and inserted my middle finger deep inside me. I thought I was able to come anytime. Stop! Washed my hands, fixed my skirt and refreshed my lipstick. Rushing back to the meeting. Nothing had happened. They were still discussing the implications of customer data getting lost and abused. A-B-U-S-E-D. I propped up my chin with the fingers that had been in my vagina two minutes ago and still smelled my juice.

A-B-U-S-E-D. I got lost again and felt the heat coming up between my thighs again.

A-B-U-S-E-D. No, these men would not abuse me. They were not the type.

I would have to get up, approach one and ask „Do you want a blow job with swallowing?“ instead of „Do you want to have a look at our security concept?“

It just would not work any other way. And I didn’t want it any other way. I could have dated all of the smartest and sexiest men of our company. They would have paid horrendous lunch bills, would have done almost anything to get me down and naked. I knew that. It had happened. Those allusions. Those hidden stares. Those charming smiles. These hardly recognizable touches. These lingering good-nights after a long day when everyone went to their car. Irrelevant!

fingering her cuntI wanted to get under the meeting table right now and work my circuit sucking off every one of them. Servicing them. Being degraded. Enclosing them tenderly with my lips. My glossy, wet, red, warm lips. Offering them a slutty service, they would not have dared ask from their wives at home. Taking my time. Feeling them grow. Feeling them lose control sooner or later. Jerking. Bouncing.

Moving my head along with their hip movements or just letting myself being guided by those who grab my hear. Always being committed to a first class blow job. Letting them take their time, enjoy it. Enjoy the feeling of Mrs.Alighatti being at their knees, wearing her conservative business outfit, handing out blowjobs for free.

And then... Making sure not a single drop got lost. What a nightmare if anything of their semen dripped on the precious carpet. What a disaster if their trousers were stained! No! I would make sure I got every last bit of it. Leaving their cock in my mouth until the last eruption had long gone by. Slowly increase the suction, hearing them moan with pleasure. Swallowing every single drop until I was sure, there was nothing left in them for me. Then licking their cock clean, putting it back, closing their open trouser and crawling to the next throbbing, sticky one dangling out of an open zipper waiting for me and my lips.

„... don’t you think so, Vivian?“

A-B-U-S-E-D. Protect the precious carpet! Again I realized I was daydreaming.

„Absolutely!“ I managed to say. „But we have to come to an end for now! I have to go to the board meeting. I will arrange another session next week.“

I got up, showed my rather arrogant smile and quickly shook hands with the men I had just been fantasizing to offer the blow job of their life! There was nothing wrong with me being arrogant. After all I was Mrs. Vivian Alighatti, one of the Vice Presidents of this rotten company.


That same night. „Do you want to make love?“ My husband was a handsome man, always gentle, so understanding, so caring, so attractive.

Why didn’t he simply tell me „Prepare yourself for a solid fuck, slut!“. Again. That same night I had no orgasm, not nearly close to it. It’s always the same routine, nothing exciting - rather boring.

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