The new secretary (5) - a fiction

cum mouthAll the men were seated in big leather armchairs, forming a circle.
There was 10 of them, all smoking cigars, and one giving the orders.

No, no buts... spread your legs ...
(It was quite a sight having his secretary completely exposed but for a pair of high heels - and about to masturbate in front of a bunch of businessmen. He eyed her closely shaven pussy. Poor little thing was dying in shame.)

Look at the man you're facing ..... move your right hand between your legs .... you heard me ... your right hand ... stick it behind your beautiful legs ..... good girl .... stick your ass out higher, so the men can see your hand .... very good .... now with one finger start playing with your clit .... yes, you have to... you know where your clit is, don't you?
Touch it with your middle finger so the men behind you can see it ... no, no .. don't close your eyes ... keep looking at the man in front of you, start rubbing your clit..... very good ... you're wet, aren't you, slut? ..... answer me! ...... tell the men, are you wet? .....
(She couldn't help herself)
Wet, aren't you?
(Loud laughs)
So you like to be the party slut, huh? ..... answer me! .... no who?..... no Sir... that's better.... I beg to differ... You'll learn to love being the party slut... But don't worry, you'll get lots of practice...
(Laughs all around)
Now, show us how a slut like you makes herself cum .... shift around so all the men can see... that's good... I'll tell you when to shift around again ..... there we go .....
(the secretary's hand moves, at first reluctantly. But after she's been reprimanded a few more times, she can't help getting slowly in the action. Eyes open, staring at men stroking their cocks, she is made to touch herself with her mouth open and tongue stuck out. The Executive enjoys the young woman's shame. Here she is, performing the most private, the most personal act of all in the presence of strangers. Fingering herself in front of men... He knew her complete humiliation would only enhance her submission, teaching her that her own priorities and privacy no longer mattered while in the office)
Come on, girl... you know what to do....that's and out....pick up like that?..... are you getting off?... Answer the question... You are... Keep ramming those fingers... slut... faster... I said faster... that's right....
(Lara's ass held high in the air, pumping her finger in and out of her pussy. She gets hot, despite herself. Her body's not hers to control any more. The humiliated girl was obviously close to an orgasm, she couldn't stop her panting despite the foreign eyes witnessing this shameful act...But suddenly she was ordered to stop. The Executive enjoyed frustrating the helpless girl - she'd be begging for relief by the time he was through with her)

To be continued...



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