Sex ShopMandy wasn't satisfied, at least not sexually. Over the past few weeks her appetite for the bizarre sexual gratification had grown to where normal fucking and sucking weren't sufficiently stimulating to her.

She was on her drive towards home, when she saw an adult book shop on the side of the road and thought about buying a large dildo. Mandy pulled over into the parking lot and went inside the shop. It was 2 a.m. and only a few cars were in the lot.

She felt a little awkward going into the sex shop dressed the way she was. Her short tight skirt that showed off her long legs and the halter top that exposed a lot of her breasts made her look rather whorish.

But she thought it would be a quick in and out just to buy a toy to play with. Once she got inside there were two men at the counter by the register. There was a third man in the room adjacent where the movie booths were, but Mandy couldn't see him because it was so dimly lit.

After a few minutes deciding what to buy and feeling the eyes behind the counter fixed on her, Mandy chose a long twelve inch black rubber dick. She brought it up to the counter to pay.

"Hey, baby," the big burly black man said. "I'm Dan. Why does a beautiful lady like you have to buy a rubber dick? Wouldn't you rather have a real one?"

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cum mouthAll the men were seated in big leather armchairs, forming a circle.
There was 10 of them, all smoking cigars, and one giving the orders.

No, no buts... spread your legs ...
(It was quite a sight having his secretary completely exposed but for a pair of high heels - and about to masturbate in front of a bunch of businessmen. He eyed her closely shaven pussy. Poor little thing was dying in shame.)

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big titted MILFDay 2 - Morning

I hadn’t slept well. No wonder: I had been lying awake for hours thinking about this meeting and my fantasies and my life at large.

There had to be a change – that thought was finding its way from the depth of my mind, getting clearer and clearer. It seemed as if these fantasies had always been there, but never surfaced. I had to let them come up.

I felt like I could not go on suppressing, what was obviously so strong, so luring. I just did not know how to proceed. Confess to my assistant?

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Perverted WhoreThe mall was about to close, it was nearly 10 P.M. It was time to head home after an exhausting night of shopping. Mandy left the stores heading to her car in the mall parking lot. She got all her purchases into the trunk and was ready to hop in her car to head for home.

Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind around the waist and neck and held tightly. She was startled at first and then struggled to get away yelling at her attacker. The parking lot was nearly empty, only a few cars left and no one was in sight. She was all alone and defenseless.

Then she felt another pair of hands grab her feet picking her up off the pavement. They carried her across the lot to a van parked nearby as she struggled and screamed to get away. They opened the back of the van and both pushed her inside where she got her first look at her assailants.

She sat on the floor of the van looking at two black men eyeing her up. She still had on her short skirt and low cut blouse from earlier in the day and they certainly liked what they saw. Their eyes literally devoured her body.

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Naked and collared

She came into the room, naked except for her collar, and knelt down by the left side of the bed, just as he had instructed her. Hands behind her back this time, hands clasping alternate wrists.

She leaned back onto her heels and watched him. And waited for the 'exercise' he had promised to see if she would withstand 'the test of time'.

He walked behind her and attached the cuffs; she winced slightly as she heard the 'click.' She thought back on the words he had spoken the first time he had placed them on her, months before.

"So final," he had said, "your helplessness, so complete."

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nude legsDay 1 - Afternoon

It was an ordinary summer day when I became a slave. No, stop! It was an ordinary summer day when I realized I wanted to be a slave.

It came to me during one late afternoon business meeting with several of our lawyers, my assistant and a representative of IT. I was unable to concentrate and hopelessly bored with discussions on data privacy and compliance.

My thoughts were meandering and I did hardly realized that one of my thoughts evolved around offering those six quite ordinary men a blowjob just to finish that discussion.

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cunt spreadAll the men were seated in big leather armchairs, forming a circle. There was 10 of them, all smoking cigars, and looking at the secretary appreciatively.
The Executive Chairman said "We are about to finalize an important business deal. How do you like that?"
"It's... it's very nice, Sir"
He chuckled: "Can you hear the enthusiasm in her voice, gentlemen?"
All the men laughed - which made her feel even more insecure, if that was possible.

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