• Blowjob under the tableThere is quite a number of cafés, restaurants and bars all over the world offering more than just food and drinks: bars that specialize in blowjobs and handjobs. This trend originated mainly from Asia, i.e. Japan and Thailand, and now

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    Do you ever pay attention to what’s around you when you’re in a changing room?
    No, you don't?
    Well, think about it.

    There are a few creepy ways for predators to spy on innocent

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    In 2013, researchers from the Amsterdam University analyzed 400 of the most popular global Internet porn videos, that is 107 hours and 48 minutes of explicit material on internet porn portals.

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    It combines a certain kind of efficiency, an additional income for the employer with a lot of fun - for the overseers and guests, certainly not for the working sluts.

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    To all female soldiers: harsh conditions and disciplinary practices are training.

    "It was hot today, even in the car with the steady breeze. Looking behind I noticed that the she had trouble to keep up even with a moderate

  • Naked PrisonersThe soldier could already feel his cock hardening as he stroked it through his uniform. “The Commander said we couldn’t fuck her, but we can have a little fun with her. Let’s tie her up like the one yesterday, with the bamboo poles. See how she likes the walk back to

  • naked bound girls“More or I will force you.” Maureen was afraid now, they were making her spread her legs open.

    She knew that her sex would be open and unprotected. She feared that somehow the pole would be pushed

  • nude bent overLike in every dominant/submissive based relationship there is some urgent need for education, setting goals and practicing discipline.

    This has nothing to do with punishment based on misbehaviour or

  • condom cumIn a D/S relationship it's not always the case that the dominant part has to come up with ideas of punishment or tasks for the sub.

    One of my former slaves was so submissive, she literally inundated me

  • Lots of people get married. Lots of people get divorced later on, often rather sooner than later.

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    To maximize your happy and fulfilled life that you spend together, it is

  • Riding a dildoTyrone smiled appreciatively looking at the usual sight awaiting him. There she was, his "bitch", well, the entire Gang's "bitch".

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    There she was, his "bitch", well, the entire Gang's "bitch". Suzette Ormond was in her

  • naked in chainsI had always been submissive as far as I can go back in my memories. But things took a serious turn, when my husband revived contact to some old school friends.

    Their idea was simple and intriguing, and

  • Perverted WhoreThe mall was about to close, it was nearly 10 P.M. It was time to head home after an

  • Sex ShopMandy wasn't satisfied, at least not sexually. Over the past few weeks her appetite for the bizarre sexual gratification had grown to where normal fucking and sucking weren't sufficiently stimulating to her.

    nude legsDay 1 - Afternoon

    It was an ordinary summer day when I became a slave. No, stop! It was an ordinary summer day when I realized I wanted to be a

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    I hadn’t slept well. No wonder: I had been lying awake for hours thinking about this meeting and my fantasies and my life at large.


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