cum swallow

  • Blowjob under the tableThere is quite a number of cafés, restaurants and bars all over the world offering more than just food and drinks: bars that specialize in blowjobs and handjobs. This trend originated mainly from Asia, i.e. Japan and Thailand, and now

  • Swallow cumDon't worry: a typical ejaculation has an average volume of 3.4 ml and contains less than 1 calorie.
    The question is: how many guys have already jerked off into her mouth?
    She would probably need 10 loads before even getting the

  • Bukkake

    Ain't that paradise? 

    She sucks a whole bunch of dicks collecting more and more cum into her mouth.

  • gokkun bukkakeA must for all lovers of countless loads to be swallowed!
    With those cum swallowing sluts you

  • whore emptying a cum glass
    The way to enjoy a glass filled with cum is highly individual. It may depend on the girl... or the group of guys.

    One takes a small mouthful first to get the taste. Lets it roll around in her mouth to make sure the

  • cum swallowThere are at least two negative aspects of cum swallowing movies:

    1. when the girl only pretends that she wants to get the whole cum load in her mouth
    2. when the guys

  • cum on foodOne of the most exciting and healthy niches:
    serving cum on food or in drinks.

  • Cum swallowing blonde The German Goo Girls (GGG) series has always focused on bukkake since it was started in

  • ThroatfuckA mouthfuck is more than just a special type of handsfree blowjob.
    The major difference between a traditional blowjob and a mouthfuck is a matter of "who is in charge".

    Cum faceSperm Facials are rather controversial, although much less than cum swallowing.
    Here's the scientific part:

    Sperm is packed with protein which is a major goodie for your skin. Not only does protein work

  • Bukkake cum swallow

    "I was wondering if I got the modeling job and to see what else you had in mind for me like you said last night." she asked.
    I told her the job was hers, but "I also

  • Bukkake faceThe bukkake girl's account:

    After I had already sucked off about 35 men I took a short break. When the group asked me to come back, a line of men had formed standing shoulder to shoulder.

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  • There's hardly anything more erotic than a mouth full of sperm. Here's our choice:

    cum mouths for poll

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  • Cum drinking from glassThat's what it's all about: one human vessel and several eager sperm donors required - the more, the better.

    Question: is there anything more erotic in its passion and degradation than a woman

  • YES, IT CAN!

    With his hands bound together by a rope, she has him in the perfect position to put his tongue between her hungry lips, licking her, back and forth, a perfect fit for each other.

    Cum swallowingI usually enjoy at least one day per week, where I have my girlfriend serve me while watching some real nasty porn.

    I make her get on her knees or lie down with her face on my cock in order to use her

  • condom cumIn a D/S relationship it's not always the case that the dominant part has to come up with ideas of punishment or tasks for the sub.

    One of my former slaves was so submissive, she literally inundated me

  • Sperm swallowingWe decided to present a (volatile) Hall of Fame of European Cum Swallowing.

    It is in ascending order of the number of cum loads swallowed. As you can see, you have to drink at least 66 sperm